We manufacture standard and custom ironworker punches and dies for steel fabricating equipment. We can also help with your contract manufacturing needs.


Custom Tooling Services


Cleveland Steel Tool is your ideal manufacturing partner. We'll take your toughest jobs off your hands.

CST Manufacturing Services


We manufacture tooling for any Ironworker. Choose from our thousands of standard styles and sizes, in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Need punches, dies, shear blades or other tooling for a specific machine?


Custom Tooling Services


We specialize in rapid turnaround of your custom items. Send us a drawing or a sample and we'll manufacture your part to your specifications.

Custom Parts
  • CST Ironworker Machines

    CST Ironworker Machines

    We carry a full line of Ironworkers to suit your metalworking needs from 25 ton to 120 Ton Capacity

  • Steel Saws and Saw Blades

    Steel Saws and Saw Blades

    Steel saws from 7-1/4" to 15", and the highest quality saw blades for any metal cutting application.

  • Portable Punching Unit

    Portable Punching Unit

    Our Porta-Punch is the quickest and easiest way to punch up to 13/16" Round Holes in 1/2" thick mild steel on the job site!

  • Magnetic Drills and Annular Cutters

    Magnetic Drills and Annular Cutters

    Compact and lightweight design in a portable drill to make your job site or production facility more productive.

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