Annular Cutters

Annular Cutters

We offer a full range of annular cutters for a wide variety of drilling applications.


Our annular cutters fit almost any magnetic drill and ship with a center pin.

When punching isn't an option, cutting only the periphery of a hole, annular cutters produce a ream quality, burr free hole. We offer high speed premium grade M2AL or carbide tipped premium grade cutters. Optimized tooth hardness and heat treated to 68RC maximizes cutter performance.

High speed steel cutters also include a tapered hardness from the shank through the cutter body and to the cutter teeth. This makes them more resistant to the torque and as a result, prevents breakage. The center pin is essential for the cutters to be cooled properly throughout the cut and delivered directly to the cutting surface. As an added value, we have included the center pins with the purchase of each cutter.

Carbide tipped cutters can be used on tougher alloys and materials. The center pin is also included on carbide tipped cutters.

We stock High Speed and Carbide cutters in 1", 2" or 3" depth. Longer lengths are also available.

Center pins included.