Punch Options

Punch Options

Punches can be customized to fit your special application.

  • Special Shapes

    Special Shapes

    We can create special shaped punches and dies to fit any custom punching application.

  • Punch Keyways

    Punch Keyways

    The use of keyways is important to ensure proper alignment of shaped punches and dies.

  • Punch Faces

    Punch Faces

    Different punch faces can be used for special applications, including reducing distortion, and reducing tonnage requirements.

  • Punch Styles

    Punch Styles

    We have an array of punch styles than can be made to your exact specifications.

Cleveland Steel Tool offers a variety of options for your punching application. Whether you need a special shape, extra length, or a special punch face, we can manufacture what you need to get the job done.

Hexagon Shaped Punch and Die