Radius Roller

Radius Roller

Pipe, Tube and Section Radius Roller

Technical Specifications

  • Shaft Diameter - 2"
  • Shaft Center Distance -14.12"
  • Dimensions - 43"h x 45"w x 49"d
  • Weight - 950 lb

Material Capacities

Round Pipe 2" Schedule 40
Round Tube 2-1/2" (.095)
Square Tube 2" (.120")
Solid Round 1.375"
Flat Bar - Easy Way 3" (.75")
Flat Bar - Hard Way 2.25" (.375")
Angle Iron 2" (.250")
Channel 2" (.250)

Our Pipe, Tube and Section Radius Roller is another essential quick-connect hydraulic tool. Power it up with a Cleveland Steel Tool Ironworker with the factory installed Hydraulic Accessory Pack or the Porta Power 5HP, 2750 psi portable power unit. Designed for medium to heavy material, the Radius Roller powers through your job quickly and accurately. The variable speed, hydraulic drive allows you to "dial in" the appropriate speed for various materials. Quickly change the orientation from vertical for smaller projects to horizontal for those larger, heavier jobs.

Radius Roller Specification Sheet

Radius Roller Manual

Radius Roller Features

  • Variable Speed
  • Horizontal or Vertical Operation
  • Single Pinch/Dual Drive
  • Easy, Repeatable Rolls
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Heavy-Duty Portable Stand
  • Easy to Use Hand/Jog Controls
  • Pinch Roll Scale and Lateral Roll Guides

Radius Roller

Image Description Part No. Availability Price Quantity Purchase
Radius Roller HAT5000 Call $7,499.00
Porta Power Unit 1PH 230V HAT001 Same Day $4,099.00
Porta Power Unit 3PH 230V HAT002 Same Day $3,799.00
Porta Power Unit 3PH 460V HAT004 Same Day $4,099.00