Horizontal Press

Horizontal Press

20 Tons of Versatility

Technical Specifications

Cylinder 2.25" Ram
Stroke 10"
Work Height 38" - 40"
Table Dimensions 24" x 42"
Weight 1,350 lb

With 20 tons of force, the Horizontal Press accepts a great variety of tooling to form, brake and straighten mild steel. Power it up with a Cleveland Steel Tool Ironworker with the factory installed Hydraulic Accessory Pack or the Porta Power 5HP, 3,000 psi portable power unit. This compact powerhouse is designed for maximum tooling flexibility. The universal die block holds tooling securely, while the 4-pin tooling locations lock with a simple crank for inboard squaring. The integrated digital encoder reads a positive stop for accurate repetition within 0.01". Ships with a 6" Brake 4-Way Die. Allows for braking projects up to 1/2" thick x 6" maximum height.

Horizontal Press Specification Sheet

Horizontal Press Manual

Horizontal Press Features

  • 20 Tons of force
  • Smooth ram extension
  • Digital readout
  • Robust construction
  • Hardened tooling pins
  • 2" machined heavy-duty table
  • 4 pin locations for tooling flexibility
  • Machined, hardened bushings

Horizontal Press

Image Description Part No. Availability Price Quantity Purchase
Horizontal Press HAT6000 Call $7,999.00
Porta Power Unit 1PH 230V HAT001 Same Day $4,099.00
Porta Power Unit 3PH 230V HAT002 Same Day $3,799.00
Porta Power Unit 3PH 460V HAT004 Same Day $4,099.00