I want to thank you again for your fantastic saleswomenship. You were sweet and pleasant on the phone. Thanks."


As always it's a true pleasure working with you. This last order has been frustrating on my end. You have diligently been working with your engineers to meet my needs. This is truly awesome customer service! I will continue to purchase from CST."

Maintenance Supervisor

The stock order has arrived in great shape. Thank you for marking each package with the size. That makes the in-check so much easier. Please also thank the guys in the shop for getting this order together so quickly and the guys in shipping for the excellent packing job."


"Good morning Michele,
I really do hope you pass this along.
We, Purchasing and Sales appreciate the tech help and the delivery times we receive from you.
We give you a 5 in the ISO rating.
Thank you all for your help and support in all we do together."


"Hi Michele:
You were very helpful and the order was delivered when you said it would. I appreciate all the time you spent answering my questions, the pictures you sent me, and all that you did to get me what I needed. Best regards to you and all at Cleveland Steel Tool!"


"In a fast pace business and as a manager of 3 departments, the ability and ease to get quotes and confirmation quickly via e-mail is one of the highest priorities for me. Cleveland Steel Tool excels at this and makes my job that much easier."

Procurement Manager


"Sam, hey buddy I appreciate the follow up. That's great customer service that you rarely get nowadays. As for the punches and dies, they work perfectly as expected from a company that puts out a quality product  and sets the industry standards.