Saw Blades

Saw Blades

Choose a blade from the brand recognized as the worldwide leader in blade life and quality.

Experience the highest quality cut in the industry.

We proudly offer Evolution Saw Blades. Evolution Blades are designed to deliver maximum performance by using the highest grade carbide, hardened blade bodies and ultra high grade brazing techniques. They fit EvolutionTM, DeWaltTM, MakitaTM or MorseTM saws. All of our blades offer premium quality, designed to increase performance! We stock blades from 5-3/8" up to 15".

Cut Cooler

When cutting metals, Evolution blades leave an instantly workable finish and produce virtually no heat, burrs or sparks. This allows the material cut to be handled quickly instead of having to wait for the metal to cool down, as required with abrasives.

Cut Faster

Evolution Blades cut faster than traditional abrasive blade methods. An Evolution mild steel blade can cut through 6" of 1/4" thick mild steel plate in as little as 12 seconds.

Cut Longer

Abrasive blades wear down quickly. This reduces both cut quality and cut capacity depth. It also increases the costly replacement of abrasives required to complete the job. An Evolution mild steel blade can last as long as 20 or more abrasives and maintain its quality and capacity throughout, saving time and dollars.

Cut Accurately

Abrasive blades tend to flex and "walk" during a cut. Evolution blades are designed for accuracy and precision.

Cut Safely

Abrasive blades can create excessive dust, fumes, smoke, fire and can even explode. Evolution Blades produce very few sparks, create little heat and are an overall safer alternative to abrasives.

Types of Blades

Mild Steel Blades for square tube, angle iron, mild steel plate, pipe, tube and other ferrous metals

Thin Steel Blades for cutting ferrous metals under 1/8" in thickness, including sheet metal, metal roofing and electrical conduit

Stainless Steel Blades for square tube, angle iron, stainless steel plate, diamond plate, pipe and tube

Aluminum Blades for aluminum and other non ferrous-metals, including gratings, extrusions, pipe and tube

Multi-purpose Blades for cutting multiple material applications without switching blades, including mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, wood, wood with nails, plastics, PVC and plexiglass.


Saw Blades

Image Part No. Description Availability Price Quantity Purchase
14BLADEST 14" BLADE STEEL CUTTING W 1" ARBOR HOLE 355 X 2.4 X 66T X 1 Same Day $113.00
14BLADESSN 14" STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADE 355 X 2.4 X 90T X 1" Same Day $148.00
14BLADEAL 14" BLADE FOR CUTTING ALUMINUM 355 X 2.4 X 80T X 1" Same Day $116.00
14BLADETS 14" THIN CUTTING BLADE 355 X 2.4 X 90T X 1" Same Day $141.00
230BLADEST 9" STEEL CUTTING BLADE 230 X 2.0 X 48T X 1" Same Day $53.00
230BLADESSN 9" STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADE 230 X 1.8 X 60T X 1" Same Day $68.00
230BLADEAL 9" ALUMINUM CUTTING BLADE 230 X 2.4 X 80T X 1" Same Day $62.00
230BLADETS 9" THIN STEEL CUTTING BLADE 230 X 68T X 1" Same Day $73.00
8BLADEMS 8" STEEL CUTTING BLADE 203 X 2.0 X 50T X 5/8" Same Day $51.00
185BLADEST 7-1/4" STEEL CUTTING BLADE 185 X 2.0 X 40T X 20MM Same Day $42.00
185BLADESSN 7-1/4" STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADE 185MM X 1.8 X 48T X 20MM Same Day $47.00
180BLADEST 7" STEEL CUTTING BLADE 180 X 2.0 X 36T X 20MM Same Day $36.00
180BLADEAL 7" ALUMINUM CUTTING BLADE 180 X 2.0 X 54T X 20MM Same Day $41.00
180BLADETS 7" THIN STEEL CUTTING BLADE 180 X 1.6 X 68T X 20MM Same Day $49.00
RAGE355BLADE 14" MULTI-PURPOSE CUTTING BLADE 355 X 2.2 X 36T X 1" Same Day $80.00
RAGE230BLADE 9" MULTI-PURPOSE CUTTING BLADE 230MM X 2.0 X 26 X 1" Same Day $44.00
RAGEBLADE 7-1/4" MULTI-PURPOSE CUTTING BLADE 185 X 1.7 X 20T X 20MM Same Day $26.00