Steel Connectors

Make Your Connectors in Seconds

Our die sets allow for quick manufacturing of steel connectors of all shapes and sizes. Ditch the long drawn out manufacturing techniques, for our tools, which allow you to effortlessly and quickly produce the parts you need. All you need is a shop press! If you don’t want a die set, we can make your parts and ship them to you.

What is a Custom Die Set?

Custom die sets mean that our engineering team will take the information you give us about your connector, and design a specific set to produce it.

How Long Do Die Sets Last?

Die sets can last for years, if properly used. Tooling such as the punch and die that need to be replaced or resharpened over time, but these parts cost far less than the die set. 

No Drilling and No Grinding - All You Need is a Shop Press

The only thing needed is a shop press of adequate tonnage for your application. The die set can be designed in stages, or to specifically consider your limitations regarding tonnage.